Who We Are

The TruthPoint Team is proud to bring you videos that pierce the darkness.  TruthPoint Videos are produced in greater Austin, Texas by Eliyahu ben David and his entire team. Eliyahu is a best-selling researcher and author. You can see his bio on his Amazon Author Page.

Why Are We Doing What We Are Doing?

Our entire team is passionate about, and highly engaged in, the production of videos on topics that are important to us all. Often our viewers tell us they find our videos to be highly impactful, and they say they have never seen the truth we present anyplace else. That’s what piercing the darkness is all about – informing you about hidden truth that impacts your life.

What Is Our Name About?

TruthPoint Videos expresses exactly who we are and what we are doing.  In the modern world, there is so much information available, it can be difficult to slice through all of it to find the exact truth you are longing to hear.  TruthPoint videos pierce right through all of the darkness surrounding and clouding the issues to get at the heart of the matter.

What topics have you covered?

Currently, 6 DVD titles have been produced. These are: Tsiyon Dedication: Stories of Faith Producing Fruit, War on the Saints, Beasts of Daniel Surfacing, Remnant Exodus, and Prophetic Fulfillments Just Ahead. Another film has been produced and will be released on DVD soon, entitled, Darwinian Evolution Junk Science. All of these titles are available from this website for you to enjoy.   For other venues or modes of distribution please contact us.

Will new topics be addressed? If so, When?

Yes! We are actively producing new content covering new topics in depth and frequently. The entire team is currently live-streaming a COVID-19 Pandemic Bible Prophecy series offering hope as God shows the way through the Coronavirus Pandemic which will also be available soon on DVD as well.  New content and streams are available often. Check out our press releases for the latest info!

Recent Press Coverage

We are on PRLog. Check out our TruthPoint Video Newsroom.

3 April 2020 Press Release New Website Truth Point Offering Video Live Streaming on Current Events

4 April 2020 Press Release Month of Prayer for Believers Everywhere by Believers Everywhere

3 April 2020 Press Release New Website Truth Point Offering Video Live Streaming on Current Events